Wednesday, October 17, 2001

Our friends and family asked us to post some more photo's, so here ya go!  Christian is sleeping really well, 4-5 hours at a time during the night, which means we sleep from midnight to 4:30am, then sleep again until 8:30am.  This is great!

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Christian's first day home, 10/13/01

Kinda looks like a toy doll, huh?

Jeremy delivers much needed burp rags in a clever style

Jeremy's got a good grip on the baby we hope.

Great Grandparents (Anderson) stop by

The redheads cuddle up

Grandpa Jacobson runs down the football scores

Christian nearly wins this thumb wrestling match with Leslie

Passed out on Grandma Anderson

Scott empting the Diaper Genie for the first time and discovers squishy diaper sausages

Christian likes hanging out with Dad

Chrisitian catches some sleep

Kathy's shirt gives CJ a nice pink complexion

"What is this thing?" purrs Roxy

FYI, some people were concerned about the cats. We keep the door closed to keep the cats out unless we're there, but so far they keep their distance.

Simba cautiously inspects the new noisemaker

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