December 1-10, 2001

We're getting ready for Christmas now!  On 12/8 we drove to Elk Mound, WI with Chris/Terri and Chip/Laura to hunt for the perfect Christmas tree.  Christian traveled well on this 150 mile trip.  Christian is starting to smile and is becoming more responsive to people around him.  During this time he also grabbed onto Simba for the first time.  The cat was as shocked as we were! 

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The bouncy seat is a huge hit!

Christian prepares for the long journey to cheeseland

Terri and Chris being all lovey dovey

The hunting ground from which several beautiful trees will be felled.

Jenny, Terri, Christian and Chris prepare for the hunt

After several minutes of stalking his prey, Chris bags a tree!

Jenny ponders which tree will meet its fate

Wham! Out of nowhere Scott also sacks a fine looking tree

Jen and Christian watch as the tree is restrained by the twine machine

Preparing to put Chritian on the tree

His mama saves him from becoming an ornament.

Christian, the red-headed reindeer

Christian smiles as Jenny sings the Chi-Chi's Happy birthday song. O'lay!


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