December 11, 2001

Christian had his first round of shots today and cried very little as he was jabbed with 4 separate needles (Polio, Diphtheria, Rabies, etc...).  At 2 months old, he weighs in at 14lbs, 1oz and is 23 inches tall.  If he continues to eat like he does, he'll also be 23 wide.  Below is just a collection of photo's that have been taken during the last few days.

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Christian strikes a pose in the new outfit from the Gilson's

Great Grandparents making funny faces

"Bring me my bottle while I relax"

"Look, I'm trying to be cute!"

"Okay, I give up and am just going to pick my nose."

"Look, I'm finally being cute!" O'lay!

"Fine, I'm going to crawl to the kitchen and get my own bottle."



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