Sunday, December 16, 2001

Christian was baptized today at Redeemer Lutheran Church in Wayzata.  Chris and Terri Gilson were Christian's religious sponsors.  Adynn Stedillie (born 10/1/01) was also baptized at the same time.  After the 90 minute service, we had a few people over to our house.

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Christian all dressed up and ready to go

The church was decorated for Christmas, it looked very pretty.

Pastor Richard Krogen

Grandpa Ted, Great Grandma Carol, Great Grandpa Les, Grandma Nancy

Grandpa Ted and Great Grandma Carol

Uncle Eric (back of head), Grandpa Jim, Uncle Mike, Aunt Jill, Jenny

Ted, Jean, Uncle Jeremy

Chris and Terri

Grandpa Jim and Aunt Cynthia

Grandma Sonja


Aunt Cynthia

Aunt Jill and Uncle Mike

Grandpa Ted

Simba attacks the watchful reindeer after everyone leaves


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