Christmas 2001

Christmas was busy this year!  Christmas Eve was spent with Scott's dad's side, Christmas morning was at our house with Scott's mom's side, and the afternoon was at Jenny's brothers house.  Christmas night we were all very tired, but it was fun.  The days before and after Christmas were spent with some old friends from out of town.

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The first Santa experiance at Eden Prairie Center!

Christian starts fussin' for Santa

Chrissy tries out her new camera on us.

Another shot the from Sony Finepix. A nifty little camera indeed!

Squirmy baby!

"I like things on my head!"


Ann, Larry, and Christian

Incidently, Larry and Ann's grandson was born 12/29/01

Grandpa Ted and Christian sport matching jumpers

The Anderson Side

"I think there is something on my head."

"Thank you for removing that thing from my head!"

Larry and Christian hang out.

Zonked out after a long day

Christian sprouts bunny ears

Aunt Jill goes coo-coo

Jen's new hat

Aunt Cynthia and Christian visit

Uncle Eric and Peter taunt Christian

Christian passes out on Grandma Sonja

After the long day, we sat by the fire

Roxy and Christian enjoy the heat

Gotta show off one of the new outfits!

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