April 18, 2002

Christian is growing by leaps and bounds!  He has outgrown most of his winter clothes.  He weighed in at 20lbs, 14oz at the doctor this month.  He is beginning to crawl, only he has not figured out how to use his legs yet, so he drags himself along the carpet giving his knees rug burn. 

He likes to grab onto the fishies before falling asleep.

As usualy, he loves the camera!

He graduated from the infant carrier seat to the "big boy" seat"

Simba prepares to unleash his fury against Grandma Carol

Christian is now big enough to give us horseback rides.

Leslie & Christian have a chat about what horrible things they can do to Daddy.

"When Babies Attack"

"When Babies Attack" part II

Kickin' back, enjoying the tub

Rocky the Squirrel taunts Roxy the flying cat

Christian started sleeping face down this month. His knees are red in the AM.

6 months and he already likes jumping on the bed!

These exersaucers are great!

Leave me alone until after the game!

These toys are great!

Simba defends the fish toilet seat cover

This Jenga game is crazy! Everyone should try playing this!

Thanks to Jenga, Ben slow dances with a broom.

Kathy plays Jenga and collects Christian's toys.


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