July 18, 2002

June and July were very busy!  We began some serious redecorating on May 31 which took several weeks, after which we moved in.  We didn't take a lot of photo's during this time.  Christian is very active, scooting around very quickly, pulling himself up on everything and even beginning to climb things.

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Let me out of this thing!

Look! A baby in a box!

Mama hanging out with the dude.

Great Grandpa hanging out with the dude.

Yum, grass.

He still loves the camera very much!

He's pulling himself up and scooting along things quite well, but not standing un-assisted yet

Self portrait.

Explorer Christian discovers the closet

In late June, Christian suddenly started climbing stairs.

And climbing chairs to see out the window.

Like his pop, he laughs all the time. We have no idea what about.

July 4, he bobbed around in the Gilson pool all day.

We used him as a floatation device

I have a problem eating.

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