Fall/Winter 2003-2004

Looking back, it's been a long time since I've updated this.  We've also found that we're not taking the 100's of pictures that we were before.  Soooo... that being said, the pictures below are taken over a few months during late fall and into winter.  I've tried to make the captions more descriptive for those of you that actually read them.  And don't forget, you can make the photos bigger by clicking on them. 

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Piles of cats.

Cozy time watching Shrek, Christian's favorite movie

Halloween Time with Grandma Nancy and Great Grandma Dorothy. Who has the best costume?

Bonking heads seemed like a good idea at the time.

Until someone got hurt

And someone else got hurt

Trying on suits before Uncle Jeremy's wedding.

Another one of the suits. Taken 12/16/03

Playing some tunes before Uncle Jeremy's wedding on 12/20/03

The brothers and the cousins 12/20/03

Getting ready for nap time with Great Grandpa Les

Uncle Randy coaching on gift unwrapping 12/25/03

Great Grandpa Les helping build a block tower

Great Grandma Carol bribing Christian with candy

New Year's Eve 2003 - Mark & Larry the Lobster

Christian was at Grandma's house for the night, Mark and Kim brought over lobsters which we cooked on the deck despite it being 10 below zero F.

Bubba is Toilet Training!

For those of you parents out there, the nook is just for fun on this one occasion, he never uses one, so don't jump all over us with your anti-nook sentiment.

Getting ready to ship Christian off to his new family

Fun winter storm on 2/1/04. Time to get the sleds!


Unflavored snow-cone

Click to enlarge. Notice the mouse tracks in our yard. And where they end right at the giant claw marks.

Snow storm from 3/12/04


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