Fall 2004

We just tried to sit have fun and enjoy the fall.  Thanks to the draught, the weather was great for most of the fall.

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Some crazy driving at Valley Fair on 9/23/04

He learned that from his mom!

More reckless, crazy driving

But why drive when you can fly?

On the wild spinning balloon ride

Christian really wanted to go on the Frog Hopper...

...Until it actually started to move.

The first leaves are coming down and he's loving playing in them

The Mystery Child

Exploring career options

Christian snuffs out a house fire

Shed painting project

Grandma C once told me that she'd give a bucket of water to my dad when he wanted to help paint. Turns out it works! Christian painted for 45 minutes with his bucket of "paint"

Making halloween cookies

Jack-o-lantern time

Ewwww... Slimy!

Jeremy and Alisa carved those cool pumpkins

We decked out our yard again this year with Aunt Kay's cemertary gear


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