Summer 2004

We've spent a good part of summer outside, discovering new things, playing at the park, getting dirty, etc.  Summer went by WAY too fast! 

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First Camping Experiance.

S'mores, the staple of the American camping experiance

We had fun raising butterflies - these two, "The Yellow" and "Chaniqwa" hatched the same day, 8/16/04

8/27/04 We went to Gale Woods Farm and saw lot of animals.

Christian was sad when he dropped one of the fresh eggs and it smahsed on his foot.

We also saw how lots of things grow.

The farmer and Christian look for just the right carrot to pick

Time to pull up your own carrot!

Mom and Dad got away for a weekend took a train ride along Lake Superior

And we took the locomotive out for a drive...


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