December 2004

We didn't take a lot of photo's in December.  I'm not sure why, just busy I guess.  Christian had his first music recital with Growing With Music.  We thought it was going to be somewhat informal, but we got there and there were over 100 kids from ALL the classes together.  It was loud!  One kid, his pants fell down every time he jumped during the performance!  I thought the 200 people in the room were all going to went their pants they were laughing so hard. 

We sent out the Christmas cards announcing we're having another kid.  We found out December 23 that it's going to be another boy!  Stay tuned...  

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Mr. Smart one.

Christian's first music recital.

There was like 100 kids there!

We formally announced on our Christmas card that #2 is on the way!

Christmas Monkey

Wail'in away

Christmas Eve 2004

The grandma's examine a new cat toy

Jeremy opens his pottery wheel

Throwing Clay

The finished product

New Years Eve 2004


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