Spring 2004

As usual, Christian is doing more and more things and becoming more curious about the world.  He still loves swimming on Saturday mornings and exploring new things.

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At swimming class, we're blowing bubbles, going under water and starting to paddle

And Christian's favorite part, jumping in! He jumps with much enthusiasm, asking me to back up sometimes

Oops, too big for the baby carrier

Christian and his cousin Tyler taking turns on the slide


Trying out the soccer ball

Cake, a staple in a toddlers diet. This is for Cousin Johnny's 1st birthday.

More Cousins

A walk in the park on 4/18/04

A chilly trek to the zoo on 5/14/04

Not sure why he's dressed like a cowboy. Just cool I guess.

Friend Brianna's 3rd birthday party. Apparently BD's consist of playing computer games now.

Christian & friend Kendall.


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