Fall 2005

Another fall is here and we're keeping busy as Evan gets more active.  Evan got his first stitches!  He was just sitting up and fell right over into a book case.  We had company at the time and it was one of those situations where you look and instantly say "A bandaid is not going to fix this one" and off to the hospital he went. 

Christian is a total Pac-Man fanatic, thus for birthday #4 we made a Pac-Man cake.  Now we really can eat the ghosts.  He started pre-school this fall to, so he can become familiar with all the latest germs and sickness that germinate in pre-school rooms.

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Mmmm.. First night of real food!

Christian's first day of pre-school

Zzzzz Christian LOVES his stuffed animals

Testing the new flashlight with Grandpa Les

Grandpa Jim, Grandma Dorothy and Grandma Nancy

Pac-Man rules the house!

All the pre-school kids on stage

Dr. CJ, ready for the OR

Great costumes for the whole class!

Halloween Night, 2005

Swimming lessons - Dad with 2 in the pool

Uh-Oh, car problems.

oh dear, bigger problems!

Never mind, it's jsut Christian with the fog machine

Bowler's got style at Grace's BD party

Mr. EJ Bubblehead

Excited about the new gash in his head.

Kitties new tree from Grandma Dorothy

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