Summer 2005

This summer has gone by so fast that we hardly know what we did!  We pretty much stayed at home, went to the park, played with friends, etc.  In August, we ventured to Grand Forks, ND to watch Auntie graduate from her Masters program.  It turned out to be a nice little vacation for all of us.  Evan weights 15 1/2 lbs today, 8/27.  For reference, Both Roxy and Simba weigh 16 lbs each. 

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Evan's first Twins games 5/16

Passed out

Mommy Moment

Not much bigger than the remote! 5/24

Baby book foot stamping gone awry. 6/5

Wasn't as easy as originally anticipated

Advice: Stamp feet while baby is asleep

We all laughed very hard through the project. Look out Martha Stewart!

Playing in the rain is fun!

Playing Nintendo with Mom and Roxy is fun too!

July 4, 2005

Our first butterfly hatched in 2005, "Yellow Jr" 7/13

Grandma Nancy makes Evan smile

Takin' out the trash

Christian loves being a big brother!

S'mores on a 98 degree day, 7/31

Christian eludes sharks in Grand Forks, ND 8/5

Evan didn't like swimming very much

The flood depth marker in Grand Forks, ND

On the site of the Grand Forks fire of 1997

Ridin' Auntie's motorcycle

Marisa, who lives next door gave Christian a bunch of light ropes 8/14. He LOVED them!

Bath time 8/19

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