Spring - 2006

In April, Jenny and I went to the Geek Prom and Jenny was the runner up Prom Queen!  Geek Prom is a somewhat formal dance for adult misfits age 18 and older. The annual gala features awkward romance, cheesy music and spastic fits of clumsy dancing. For those who were too geeky to attend their high school prom, it's a chance to finally be accepted.

Evan turned 1 year old and babbles up a storm.  He has a very different personality than his brother, so it's fun to see him develop on his own. 

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Before leaving for the Geek Prom

Jenny contemplates her next geeky move

Jenny wins a very nice prize package as runner up


Christian dog sits for Honey

We had Cupcakes for Evan's actually birthday

more frosting was applied than eaten

Evan's real cake for the family party

Leslie finally got married, it was a fun wedding too!

Jen and Connie

5 Blind mice, 5 Blind mice....

Unfortunately they were in the BBQ Grill at Marks

Momma Mouse was not happy with us.

Very tiny mouse

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