Fall 2007

Christian started school this year and is attending full day kindergarten.  He absolutely loves it.  School has changed a lot since I was a kid!  Christian tried soccer this year and really likes it.  He wants to win a giant trophy! We went on a wonderful train ride along the St. Croix river to see the fall colors.  It seemed like we were super busy, but I can't tell you what we did!  A lot of playing at the park I suppose.

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First day of kindergarten, 9/5/07

Waiting for the bus...

waiting for Christian to get home

Ummm.. note to self, don't let my brother borrow our camera again

It's actually kind of fun to watch when it is above freezing

Jenny has technically become a soccer mom now.

Evan likes being chauffered around by Great Grandma Carol

Yes, we made turkey cookies again this year. Christian is really good using the chocolate turkey glue.

All Aboard! We took a scenic trainride along the Minnesota/Wisconsin border.

Halloween-Karate Kid and a teletubby. NOTE - This was NOT my idea, Jenny's the one that picked out the teletubbie. Evan will by in therapy for years!

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