Spring/Summer - 2007

The kids continue to get bigger and more curious about everything.  We have a lot of fun showing them all kinds of new things!  We have so many May birthdays that this year we had a "Happy Birthday Everyone" party rather than celebrate separately.  We kind of liked the idea and maybe we'll continue do that. 

Our family suffered yet another setback as my aunt and uncle, Kay and Randy, were killed by a drunk driver on June 10th.  What makes us mad is that the person who hit them has 4 previous DWI's.  This was especially hard for my mom, but we're all hanging in there.  There was not a will, so most of the summer was spent handling the probate process.  That alone could be a full time job.  Seriously, it is a lot of work.  The man who hit them was .23 according to the State Patrol, however we have been informed by the prosecutor that he intends to plead not guilty on February 8, 2008.  Stay tuned for more. 

People, don't drink and drive and make a will.  Please.

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Going for a ride on April 16

He likes to cover his head while he sleeps. Christian did the same thing. Is this normal?

Christian at Jeremy's Master's graduation

Our big storm from 5/23 - it did a lot of damage and destroyed a lot of trees and buildings. This is not far from our house

The sheep didn't seem to notice the storm

Brianna's birthday party included rock climbing!

One of the 2007 butterflies, Oscar I believe his name was

One of the butterflies hatched while Gracie was over, I think she thought it was cool

Mmmmm Dessert

Evan is very proud of his treefrog. You can sort of see it on the right side of the jar

First tooth fell out July 24

Christian had me take a dictation to prepare a letter for the tooth fairy

Christian and Mom went to the state fair

Jenny inspecting the toilet paper

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