Winter - 2007

Nothing too news worthy to report - March came in like a Lion with a huge snowstorm and went out like a lamb with melted snow and short sleeve days. We ventured up to Duluth for some fun at the waterpark. Grandma Nancy came with and she even went down the waterslides, however the first time was quite unintentional.  We had a large suite with a balcony overlooking Lake Superior.  We discovered that it was a lot of fun to feed seagulls from 4 stories up.  Well, it was fun until one bit my toe when I was showing the kids how feed a french fry to a fly-by seagull.  Good parenting skills, huh?. We also took another trip up north for Sarah's baptism. 

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Jeremy's birthday!

More clever creatures

March 1 snowstorm! Awesome!

Click on this one to make it bigger, notice the car nearly burried in the background?

Evan's car got snowed in

So much for using our BBQ Grill, center of photo

Check out the top of the deck rails!

And our patio chairs

We made a trip to Detroit Lakes again for Sarah's Baptism

It's a beautiful old country church. Evan was fascinated by the colored windows

We had a few warm days too after the snow melted

Evan likes to cook with me as much as Christian does

Limbo at Grandma Carol's house

Christian made us take this photo of the sleeping bear. He's hibernating. Except when they bring him food ever 4 hours.

Duluth from our hotel room

Jenny, deep in thought, reading up on Babycenter

having fun at the water park

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