Day 8

Dear Mom, I'm most disappointed.  The Harley riding sushi chefs from yesterday brought me back to what I thought was my home.  The aroma of your perfume wafted past my gills.  Visions of sitting on the desk danced in my head.  Most unfortunately, I was "returned to sender."  I felt rejected.  I attempted to turn myself into the nearest animal rescue at the pet food store.

Stating their steadfast desire to only rescue furry critters, I made a second attempt to donate myself at a different location.  Upon my arrival at the incoming animal door, I soon discovered their inability to speak Shark.

Another discouraging setback begged the question "Will I ever be able to come home?"  Distraught, I began flopping in the same direction as I saw other animals walking. 

After flopping for hours, I was ecstatic!  I stumbled upon Auntie Jane's transportation machine at Valleyfair!  I quenched my thirst by drinking the Coke which had been conveniently placed on the rear deck of the car.  From this location I could almost hear Auntie scream as she was propelled 275' straight up in the air!

I will cling to Auntie Jane's car until she goes back to my home!  I've secured myself to the underbelly of the transportation machine and will wait patiently for the journey home to begin.  I'll see you soon!

- Blue Shark

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