September 15, 2001

Chris and Terri Gilson were kind enough to organize and host a co-ed baby shower.  We were excited to see so many friends show up!  During the baby food guessing game, we thought we'd see them all throw up!  It was Mark & Kim Baillie, Jeff & Barb Thibdeau, Nicole Halberg, Cheri Kellesvig, Vicki Lehman, Josh Thorstad, Chip & Laura Goodall, and of course the Gilsons.

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Doll Does Yoga

Prior the baby shower, it seems Jenny's baby doll did a very unique yogo trick.

Chip workin' the nipple

This is a game for the guys, who can drink the most water out of a baby bottle in 2 minutes

Chris had practiced we suspect

Jeff won.

He and Emi enjoy late night bottle snacks

Josh is used to this

Josh was hoping the bottle was filled with Bacardi instead of water

I try to figure it out this crazy thing

Terri then Dishes out baby food

This is another game in which we try to guess by color and smell what each baby food jar contains. We didn't take photo's of this because we were busy gagging at the smells of puree'd veal or mashed yams

The good host Terri dishes out dirty diapers!

This is another game in which candy bars are melted in diapers and people have to guess the contents of each diaper.

Laurie carefully examines a lumpy diaper

Josh realizes there is tasty substance in the diapers

Hershey would be proud

Terri holds blue Teddy Bear

Nicole displays cross-stitch

Nicole is working on a cool baby bear cross stitch for the baby's room. It's quite impressive so far.

Scott plays with baby toys, a talking caterpillar in this case

We have no idea what was happening here. Don't ask

Scott holding cool Fisher Price Aquarium from Cheri K

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