Holiday Season 2005

Growing with Music was a hit with Christian - he loved learning about all kinds of new sounds and music.  Evan was Baptized on December 18, 2005.  Grandma Nancy came over and helped us make 8 pans of cinnamon rolls.  We did several different family Christmas celebrations - it was fun but tired the kids out.

Between Christmas and New Years, we had a snow storm which provided the perfect snow for block making,   We also took down a beehive that was out by the shed.  I have dreaded going near the shed for a few months, but that problem is solved. 

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Christian's first music recital

Making homemade cinnamon rolls has become a tradition

Evan prepares for Baptism

Evan after Baptism

Grandma Carol and Grandpa Les

Grandama Jean abd Grandpa Ted

Grandma Sonja and Grandpa Jim

Auntie Alisa and Uncle Jeremy

Grandma Nancy

Bag O'Evan

Aunt Kay gave Christian a Yoshi, he made it quite clear he wanted a real one though.

Evan and the improvised crib

Christian and Yoshi have been inseperable for several years

Cousin Peter shreds the snow in his front yard

Good air time!

Both, nearly asleep

Christian got a shaving kit from Brianna

And a block maker from Mom and I.

We found a beehive next to the shed

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