Summer - 2006

We had a fun summer and did lots of things, like camping, playing outside, swimming, picking Evan's nose, going to the rodeo. 

While it was a fun summer, it was also sad.  Grandma Dorothy passed away on July 5th, the day after we returned from a long weekend in Detroit Lakes.  Jenny and the boys were at Kathy P's party on July 4th, I left the party to go visit grandma for a while, we had a nice chat.  She sat in her Lazyboy sipping ice tea, fanning herself with one of those little battery operated spray bottles while watching figure skating.  She was as sarcastic as ever.  Mom called at 7am the next morning.  Grandma's death was sudden and unexpected.  Jeremy and I carried Grandma out to the living room and we all reminisced for several hours until the funeral home got there.  I was glad I was able to talk with her the night before.  She was 88.   

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Matching Fathers Day Tattoo's!

Dig! Dig!

I always thought the chaulk was supposed to go on the ground.

Swimming in Detroit Lakes

Oh, what a cute little Buoy!

Christian got to race in the local rodeo and is very proud of his ribbon

Camping is always a hit! Yoshi comes too.

This photo is special to me; it's the last picture I took of Grandpa before he passed away.

A hot summer day is good for a hose chase

Who needs a watchdog when you have a watch cat?

Christian with "The Yellow" - our first hatch of the season

First dip into Lake Superior. And no, he doesn't always wear the same yellow shirt.

Jenny prepares to purify herself in the waters of Lake Superior

Evan loved watching the seagulls

I like the trains as much as Christian

King Christian

Watch out for volcanos!


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