May 19, 2002

This past month a lot of new stuff has happened!  Christian is getting into the upright sitting position by himself, is going to swim lessons, and has started learning sign language for babies.  He is experimenting with new foods, carrots being the favorite.  He also is getting his first two teeth, but he's not too happy about that.

"This new food is great! It matches my skin tone nicely!"

"Rubber Ducky, you're the one..."

First swim class at the Courage Center.

He loved the water! He was sad when we had to get out.

We sold our house and began packing. We started by packing the baby.

He thinks he's driving a car. We're going to let him think that until he's 16.

Christian also works well as a serving tray.

He likes to ride sheep. Josh will appriciate this.

Diaper boy lets his presence be known

The shirt says it all.

Suds head returns

"I'm coming after you!"

"Okay, now what?"


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