Winter - 2006

We're still taking the boys to swimming lessons every Saturday, making visits to family and playing in the snow.  The big event during this time period was Evan's first haircut.  After the haircut "incident" which involved my brother and I cutting Christian's hair, Jenny won't let me touch Evan's.  Oops.  I think she is still mad:(

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We found him this way when we checked on him before bed. He put the beanbag on the bed by himself.

Different night, we found Christian curled up with Yoshi

We never know where we are going to find him when we check on him

Feeding the ducks after swimming class

Grandpa Les and Evan.

Proud of Play-Doh creatures

Trying to catch the crawler

Mr. EJ Bubblehead (again)

Our other son, Billy Bob.

Fun sledding!

Cousin IT - aka D-D-Doria

First haircut on April 14. He did well!

One of our fun swim lessons

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