Day 3

Dear Mom, I decided that assistance was needed in my quest for the sea.  I didn't know who to turn to or who to call, so I used the shell phone to call Information.

After calling 411, the Information Lady gently suggested I ask my friends.  I searched out other creatures who looked like I do.  This proved to be a difficult task living in a landlocked state.

The first fish I met was rather 2 dimensional and not very talkative.  I decided to engage my inner shark and try hard to attract other fish.

My new fish friends told me I'd need some sort of "transportation machine" to adequately facilitate my journey to the sea.  This big red machine might be a car.  But then again, I don't know, I'm just a shark. 

JACKPOT!  Upon swimming around this machine, I noticed this machine has a sign which links it to coordinates roughly in a north equatorial geographic location of approximately 34.2N and 77.8 west, THE SEA!  Of course, I could be wrong, I'm just a shark.

I will hang onto this sign until I reach the sea!  I will try to write more later!

- Blue Shark

My Adventures

My Adventures

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