Day 6

Dear Mom, After much research and consultation of maps, my new shark friend and I reached the conclusion that navigating our way to the ocean was not a realistic possibility. 

Saddened by our conclusion, we decided to drown our sea-going thoughts in a slew of human adult beverages.  This new enhanced state of mind created by such concoctions might help generate creative ideas of how to get to the sea.

After much joyous and inebriating consumption, we did not reach the sea.  Oceanic thoughts left our heads completely.  I'm embarrassed to admit what happened next!  As we sleep, maybe a sea dream will waft into one of our little shark brains.

When I awoke, I was alone and very ill.  My shark friend was nowhere to be found.   As much fun as those 5 minutes provided, I felt used.  I miss my home on the desk, however I'm too unwell to return home.  The late night consumption from the previous evening haunted me for hours the next morning.

Mom, I attempted to call you several times this morning and found out that my shell phone had been "termed" by none other than the Terminator. 

The Terminator

I would love to write more, but I must now begin a search for my new shark friend who is now mysteriously gone.  Something fishy happened. 

- Blue Shark

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