Day 4

Dear Mom, I guess I was wrong; that was not a transportation machine I latched onto yesterday.  I held on for hours, yet it didn't move an inch.  I decided the only way to reach the sea was to swim on down the road, unaided by human intervention.

I soon left my new fish friends to embark on my long journey to the ocean.  I'm sure it's just over the next hill!

I've been flopping around for hours now, yet the sea is not in sight!  I encountered a nice earthworm who I queried as to the whereabouts of the Atlantic.  He seemed nervous in my presence.  For heavens sake, only less fortunate fish eat worms!

After hours of flopping, I reached a sign that said the same thing as the sign on Transportation Machine did.  FINALLY, the sea is near!

After still more flopping around, the Atlantic is not in sight.  Suddenly, I realize my mistake!  The Transportation Machine said North Carolina; I'm in South Dakota.  My efforts to reach the sea now seem fruitless.

On the advice of a very handicapped skunk I met on the road, I joined the ranks of hoboism and hopped a train back home.

I don't know where this train will take me, but I want to come home!  I miss my mom and my spot on the desk.

- Blue Shark

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